Purina Chicken Feed March Specials


Purina Chicken FeedGive your baby chicks a great head start this spring with Purina chicken feed. This March, Argyle Feed has some great specials on Purina chicken feed. This includes organic starter feed and non-organic starter feed, medicated and non-medicated. This offer is good from March 5-26, 2018. 

Purina Chicken Feed Specials

  • $2 off 35 lb. bags of Purina Organic Starter
  • $2 off 50 lb. bags of Purina Starter products
  • $1 off 25 lb. bags of Purina Starter products 

Purina Start & Grow, Layena, and Flockraiser are great starter products to begin raising your flock on. Learn how these feeds can help grow your flock from baby chicks into healthy chickens. 


Optimum nutrition for raising laying chicks from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks). This complete feed with 18% – protein and quality nutrients is perfect for a strong start and early hen development. Formulated with prebiotics, and probiotics to support optimum digestive health and immune function. Also available as non-medicated feed.

Source: Purina Poultry


Optimum nutrition for healthy birds and nutritious eggs.  A 16%-protein, high-calcium ration formulated with prebiotics, probiotics, and yeast for top-producing laying hens once they reach 18 weeks of age.

Now with NEW Oyster Strong System™ for strong shells. Oyster shell provides another source of calcium when the hens need it most.  Oyster shell is a larger particle size than limestone.  This means that oyster shell will stay in the digestive tract longer and will provide a source of calcium for eggshell production over a longer period of time than smaller particle sources of calcium.  This is especially important at night when an eggshell formation is rapidly occurring and dietary sources of calcium are limited because the bird is not eating.

Source: Purina Poultry


A 20%-protein nutrient-rich ration that provides starting, growing and finishing nutrition for broiler/meat bird or a mixed flock of chickens, ducks and geese from hatch until laying age (18-20 weeks chickens, 20-24 weeks ducks; geese start laying the spring after they were hatched) and for turkeys from 8-10 weeks until laying age of 30-32 weeks. Optimum nutrition for healthy meat birds and mixed poultry flocks. Formulated with prebiotics and probiotics to support optimum digestive health and immune function. Also available as a medicated feed with Amprolium (a coccidiostat).

Source: Purina Poultry

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