Foxfarm Liquid Fertilizers Back in Stock

Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Grow Big Foxfarm Liquid FertilizersFoxfarm Liquid Fertilizers

Foxfarm liquid fertilizers are now back in stock at Argyle Feed and Hardware store. Get your choice of Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, or Grow Big liquid plant food. 

Grow Big is recommended in the early stages of planting. Its water-soluble fertilizer compound helps give young plants that extra boost. It contains earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp that helps make sturdy branches and stems.

Tip: Use 2 teaspoons for 1 gallon of water every other time you water.

Big Bloom is a formula that includes earthworm castings, bat guano and other organic ingredients that provides enriched nutrients. It also includes rock phosphate that allows for transfer of energy between plants that create bigger buds.

Tip: Can be used every time you water.

Tiger Bloom contains a low pH to maintain stability while stored and keep micronutrients active. This fast acting and very potent fertilizer can be used for both hydroponic and soil applications. Tiger Bloom boost growth in a rapid rate.

Tip: At the first sign of growth apply 2-3 teaspoons per gallon of water.



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