Bug-A-Salt Guns Available

Tired of the constant houseflies? Argyle Feed has the perfect solution for you, Bug-A-Salt guns!Bug-A-Salt guns

Insect hunting as a sport has entered the 21st century with this fun, new non-toxic device. The Bug-A-Salt Gun has a miniaturized shotgun effect generated through the ingenious design. Ordinary table salt is utilized as a lethal projectile with an accuracy range of within 3 feet. Bugs will remain whole for easy cleanup.


  1. Lift LOADER CAP and pour in ordinary granulated table salt (Holds about 80 shots).
  2. SLIDE COCKING HANDLE towards you and push away towards the barrel of the gun. This action will activate AUTO-SAFETY and POP-UP SIGHT will appear, indicating gun is ready to fire!
  3. Release AUTO-SAFETY by clicking towards you.
  4.  Aim at target and fire!


  • Non-Toxic
  • No batteries
  • Extremely inexpensive to use
  • Excellent for flies on windows
  • Excellent for bugs on ceilings and in corners
  • Fun—Say goodbye to insect intruders


Come by Argyle Feed store today to fix your fly problem.


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