Purina Exclusive Pet Food

Bob Wucher with Purina Animal Nutrition kicked off our Dog Day Thursdays Facebook Live event. Find out about Exclusive Pet Food and why it’s best for your furbabies. Got a question, post it below. Purina Bob will answer it.

Hi! I’m Bob Wucher with PMI Nutrition and today we’re going to talk a little bit about one of our lines of products, Exclusive. Exclusive is a little bit unique because the products that we have here all have no corn, no wheat, no grain sorghum, and they’re meat based. That works really works when it comes to digestion.

These products all run about 86 to 88 percent digestible. So, that means you have a whole lot less coming out the back end. A 50-pound dog gets about two and a half cups a day, that’s about seven bags a year. Plus, we have these neat little scoops so that you can measure your dog food. Most people don’t measure their dog food, so they don’t realize how much they’re actually feeding. Again, they’re grain-free. At some point, your dog is going to have the most digestible product coming out the backend, that means a lot easier clean up for you. They also have chelated minerals, glucosamine and chondroitin for their hips and joints, and the puppy food has DHA. That’s very essential for the development of the brain and the eyes when these puppies are going through their early training and early development. It comes in a Lamb and Rice product, a Chicken and Rice product, a Large Breed, a Large Breed Puppy, a Small Breed Puppy, we also have the Healthy Weight for dogs that are just a little bit overweight, and we also have the Senior Diet. Senior Diet has extra glucosamine in their for their hips and joints and it is also a product for dogs that are about 7 years old or older.

We also have cat products. We have a product for overweight, hairball formula. Believe it or not, cats do get overweight, especially when they’re housebound. And this product has shown to work very well for helping to reduce weight and get rid of hairballs. The regular cat product is also a chicken based product. They eat it very very well. As we all know, cats can be finicky, and what we found is that cats prefer this product in its dry form over many other products.

I think I have a question.

Do the products have Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids?

Yes, all the products that we have carry an Omega 3 and an Omega 6 fatty acid that really helps with boosting the immune system and having a shiny coat and supple skin. The one thing that I will say is that these products do have 1% linoleic acid in them. If your dog is in the lake or in the pool a lot, that dries out their skin and dries out their hair. Linoleic acid is very important for that suppleness and producing the oils to keep those coats nice and shiny.

Do you have anything for allergies and sensitive stomachs?

One of the products that we use regularly for allergies and sensitive stomachs is the Lamb and Rice. It’s about 22% protein and a little bit lower in fat. It’s easy to digest. Dogs that are allergic to different proteins such as a chicken or a beef do very well on this product. Dogs that have sensitive stomachs do very well with this product because there’s no by-products or anything that will upset their stomach.

Anything with antioxidants?

All of our products do carry antioxidants in there, it’s mixed tocopherols which is meant to preserve these products which is a natural vitamin C. But, the botanicals that we put in there do give the antioxidant effect that really will keep them healthy when they’re exposed to different pathogens when they’re running around a dog park or something like that. That’s going to help keep them healthy.

What are some of the specials going on at the store?

We actually have several specials going on today. If you bring in a bag of a competitive type product, we will replace it for free with another bag of the same size and if you want to try it against your product, we actually have the Double Dog Dare You Bowl available. Come in, get the bowl, put some of your product in one side and put some of the free five-pound bag to put in the other side and see which one your dog prefers. What we like to see is the way these products are manufactured they’re only cooked one time, so all of the essential oils are still in the pet food. So, when the dog can smell that, they usually go right for it since they can smell the difference. Those essential oils are very important when it comes to being able to digest something and get the most out of it. The other thing that we have every day here is the “Buy 8, get 1 Free.” If you have a lot of dogs, this really helps.

Anything else out there? Great! Then I will see you next time and we will talk one of our other products called Infinia. It’s our holistic diet, our grain-free diet, it’s a little bit more exotic than these, but people really really like them. Until then, see you later!