Small Animals

Caring for your small animals is vital.  Argyle Feed Store carries a large selection of feeds for small animals, including:

• Parrots • Rabbits • Guinea Pigs • Turtles • Frogs • Lizards • Parakeets • Finches • Cockatiels • Dove • Wild Birds • Ferrets • Chinchillas • Hamsters • Gerbils • Rats 

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Don’t forget about supplies!  We have rabbit cages, tropical fish flake food and more. Our wild bird selection includes houses and feeders.  If you’re looking for it, Argyle Feed Store has it!


  • Purina Pop & Crunch
  • Purina Rabbit Chow Complete
  • Purina Rabbit Chow Fibre3
  • Purina Rabbit Chow Professional
  • Purina Rabbit Chow Garden Recipe
  • Purina Garden Recipe Hamster and Gerbil Diet
  • Purina Little Wonders Hamster and Gerbil Diet
  • Purina Gourmet Bites with Tasty Vegetables
  • Purina Treat Sticks Hamsters & Gerbils
  • Purina Veggie-Flavored Sticks
  • Purina Little Wonders Guinea Pig Diet
  • Purina Little Wonders Rabbit Diet
  • Purina Apple-Flavored Flips
  • Purina Treat Sticks for Rabbits
  • Purina Garden Recipe Rat and Mouse Diet