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Find Chick Tips & Feather Facts to help you raise healthy backyard chickens.

  • Your Chickens’ New Home

    How to prepare a home for your new chickens.

  • Preparing a Space for Raising Chicks

    Preparing a space for your backyard chickens.

  • Can I Raise Backyard Chickens in My Area?

    Backyard chickens are becoming one of today’s hottest pets. Big names including Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, Oprah – and even a c ...

  • When should you switch chickens to layer feed?

    For backyard chickens, most egg-laying breeds reach adulthood at 18 weeks and lay their first egg--- perfect timing when you can st ...

  • When Will My Chickens Lay Eggs?

    If raising a backyard flock was a treasure hunt, the ultimate prize would be your hens first eggs. To extend ...

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