Build your flock with 2 Dollar Ducks

Build your flock with Argyle Feed’s special on 2 dollar ducks. With each purchase you will receive a FREE 5lb bag of Purina Flock Raiser. Hurry stop by the store and get your $2 duck today. While supplies last.

Available ducks:

  • Cayugas 
  • Black & White Magpies
  • Rouen 

If you are still considering about why you should add more ducks to your flock. Here are some great reasons. 

  • Great for bug control 
  • Will protect you by making noise 
  • Duck eggs are much more flavorful and preferred by many
  • Gives variety to your chicken flock

Buy 2 Dollar Ducks and Get 5lb Bag of Flock Raiser

2 dollar ducks