2020 Baby Chick Schedule

Baby Chicks at Argyle Feed

Check out the 2020 schedule for baby chicks at Argyle Feed. 

Baby chicks arrive at Argyle Feed Store February through early April 2020. The dates below are TENTATIVE! Chicks are ordered but their arrival can be delayed for a day or two. What we order and what arrives from the hatchery can be different. You can always call the store to check on chick arrivals. All are pullets unless specified. 

Want to learn how to raise healthy chicks? RSVP to our Flock Talk on March 3, 2020.

February 20: Barred Rock Pullets, Black Australorp Pullets, Buff Orpington Pullets, Welsummer Pullets, White Crested Blue Polish Straight Runs 

February 25: White Only Leghorn Pullets, Brown Leghorn Pullets

February 28: Easter Egg Pullets, Silver-Gray Dorking Pullets, Dark Brahma Pullets, Assorted Silkie Bantam Straight Runs

March 11: Silver Wyandotte Pullets, Easter Egg Pullets

March 13: Production Red Pullets, Naked Neck Pullets, Assorted Silkie Bantam STraight Run

March 18: Ancona Pullets

March 20: Rhode Island Red Pullets, Delaware Pullets, Blue Cochin Pullets, Cuckoo Marin Pullets, Gold Wyandotte Pullets, White Crested Blue Polish Straight Runs

April 3: Partridge Chantecler Pullets, Buff Brahma Pullets, Gold LCD Cochin Pullets, Silver Laced Cochin Pullets, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Bantams Straight Run

Pick up all your chicken supplies and feeds at Argyle Feed Store.  Heating lamps, waterers, and coops, chicken starters and feeds. Come see us.

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