Join Argyle Feed’s Coop Club!

Argyle Feed's Coop Club

Earn Big Rewards and Savings for your backyard flock by signing up for Argyle Feed’s Coop Club! The Coop Club is free to join, just sign up at the store. One membership per household for both the Pup Club & Coop Club. Club members receive the following for signing up:

  • Coop Club members receive a monthly email reward. Bring the email coupon in to redeem your reward or savings each month. One membership & email per family (not per pet/chicken), please. Coupon valid for 7 days upon receipt, no reproductions or copies. 
  • Submit a picture of your chicken to us monthly via our website or post one to our Facebook page monthly. We’ll pick one lucky photo each month to feature in our monthly newsletter. 
  • Take advantage of our Frequent Purchase Club! Purchase 10 bags of Purina Chicken Feed and get a bag free!  Signup in the store. 

 It’s a great time to join Argyle Feed’s Coop Club! Sign up today and make your flock very happy!