Air Filters Available in Many Sizes

Air Filters | Argyle Feed StoreHave you checked your air filters lately? Does it need to be changed? Argyle Feed Store has filters available in many sizes and brands. 

There are several reasons why it’s important to change your air filters in your home. Filters catch dust, mold and fungal spores, pet dander, fabric fibers and other debris that circulates throughout your home.  So as time goes on, the mesh in the filter becomes filled with pollutants and air can’t pass through. 

A clogged filter is the number one reason many HVAC systems fail. When the fan works harder to get air through means higher energy bills for you. The system has to work harder which can cause system failure and in turn more costs for repairs. It’s much easier and costs less to change filters than having to deal with air duct cleaning and HVAC repairs. A good rule of thumb is to change your air filters every couple of months. 

Stock up on air filters at Argyle Feed Store and keep your air clean.