Argyle Feed’s Tack Swap Guidelines & Helpful Hints

Tack Swap GuidelinesParticipating in our Tack Swap Event at Argyle Feed & Hardware? Here are some helpful Tack Swap Guidelines and Tips for selling your tack and supplies:

Tack Swap Guidelines

  • Thursday, March 25th by 5 pm is the deadline for reserving your Tack Swap space; reservations may be accepted after the deadline if space is still available.
  • Any table rental fees must be paid at time of set-up

Helpful Hints for Getting Your Tack Sold

  • Know what your tack is worth. Check out online tack stores to get an idea of what your make & model of saddles and bridles are being sold for new & used. Check out local tack stores if you do not have Internet access. Remember: condition counts when it comes to setting a price!
  • If you are eager to sell your tack, set a fair and reasonable price. The great part is that you will be the one selling so you can put “Or Best Offer” (OBO) on price tags.
  • Saddle soap and conditioning agents such as Neatsfoot Oil or Leather New will make your leather shine and will keep the leather soft & supple (do not use these cleaning/conditioning agents on the suede or nylon portions of your saddle). Don’t forget to use silver cleaner on your saddle’s silver trim.