Bluebonnet Horse Feed Available at Argyle Feed

Trying to find the right horse feed? Bluebonnet Feed is available for purchase at Argyle Feed. Learn more about Bluebonnet Horse Feeds and how they can help your horse by watching the video.

Hi everyone! Reed Kyle here with Bluebonnet Feeds. I’m here at Argyle Feed Store. I’m just going to go a little bit over Bluebonnet. What we are and what we stand for and a few of our products to learn about Bluebonnet, the products, and what Argyle Feed has available for you. So Bluebonnet Feeds, we have one mill that is based out of Ardmore, Oklahoma. So everything is based out of there. We’re ionophore-free, so that means there are no toxic cattle medications in our facility to mix in with our horse feed or anything along those lines. Incredibly safe, we are force driven and focused. We are incredibly safe at our mill there in Ardmore, Oklahoma. To go over a few of our feeds, we add in pre and probiotics, biotin, related minerals, a few different aspects.

We’ll start down here at the Energized Performance. So, anyone maybe that’s on the all-stock feed for their horses, this is a great bump up if they’re looking to just feed their horses. At a great price point. hat’s running at about $11.99 a bag here at Argyle Feed. 12 protein, fits a lot of your horse’s needs on that.

Moving on up is our Equilene. There’s Pelleted and Complete. Pelleted is great for your all around program. Whether it is broodmares, babies, show horses, anything along those lines. The Complete is another brand off of that basically. It can be fed in higher feeding rates. 10 or 20 pounds. It can be a hay replacement. So, in times, especially where we’re at right now with hay, like coastal, and you need something a little bit more consistent with the quality, the Complete is a great, great choice for that to add in on your feeding program.

Our Intensify line is our top line. Omega 4 is here, top protein 12 fat, so if you need something to build weight, build muscle, that you’ve got in intense training, that is great for that.

Our Senior Therapy here for your older horses, typically about 15 and up. If they have bad teeth, it’s a softer pellet where you can put water in with it and mix it and turn it into mash so it’s very easy for them to eat. Also, it’s safe to feed in a higher feeding rate, 10 to 20 pounds. You can feed them if they have trouble with their teeth.

Growth and Development, that’s pretty obvious, it’s great for the mares and babies on that side of things. I use that on my mares and babies as well.

Our X-Factor is our lowest in starch and sugar content. It is a 10%. So if you have any horses with any type of metobolic issues, even say donkeys, mules, draft horses, anything sensitive to starch and sugars, this is my go to on that as an extruded feed.

The Total Advantage, same concept as the Complete, higher vitamin and mineral ratios. Also can be fed as a Complete feed and has a 10% fat, so if you’re needing a little bit more fat, if you have a horse in training on that side of things, that’s a great, great feed.

Come on in to Argyle Feed and ask any questions. They also have my number if there are any questions on that side of things too.