Churu Cat Treats

Churu Cat Treats are here at Argyle Feed and Hardwarre! Our kitties love them and we know yours will to! Stop by today and pick up some cat treats for your furry friend!

Hi guys! Kelly here from Argyle Feed and Hardware. Just to let you know about our new Churu Cat Treat. As you can see, I am getting surrounded by Monkey and Checkers. They love this stuff, so, it’s like kitty gogurt. It’s tapioca that’s been flavored with chicken and salmon. But they absolutely love this stuff. It’s there favorite.

We do have a couple of free samples available for guests today. All you have to do is come in and ask for a free sample. Again, that’s Churu Kitty Treat. And again, we have it in chicken and salmon flavors. As you can see, our kitties love it and we know yours will too!