De-Icer: Floating Tank and Pond, Pail and Bird Bath, Drain Plug

When cold weather freezes everything on your property, a de-icer is the only tool that can get rid of ice. It keeps water from freezing over and form ice. Designed to thermostatically operate only when necessary, it has an automatic shut off feature. Argyle Feed Store is always ready to provide you with your cold weather needs. We make sure we are stocked with de-icers for stock tanks, drain plugs, pail and bird baths. 

Things to consider when operating these de-icers are: 

  • Do not use extension cords as it cause low voltage and the device becomes unsafe
  • Do not operate device outside of water it will void any warranties
  • Make sure cord is protected with piping so it is protected from livestock and other hazards
  • Keep device lime free which builds up and can cause hot spots which also voids the warranty

How to Choose a De-Icer

So you are wondering which de-icer is best for you. Typically, the higher the wattage in the de-icer, the more cost-efficient the unit will be at heating the water. Because the wattage is high it will heat the water faster in less time which in turn uses less energy. Below is a chart that will help you decide. 

Tank Size Less than 70 gallons 70-100 gallons 100-300 gallons
Recommended Wattage 500 watts 1,000 watts 1,500 watts

Source: Miller Manufacturing Company and Farm Innovators, Inc.