Electric Heater Base for Poultry Drinking Water

Electric Heater Base for Poulty WaterersElectric heater base for poultry drinking water helps prevent water from freezing over. This heater base can keep water at drinking level up to temperatures as low as 10 degrees F. This heater base is designed for use with only metal double wall founts by Little Giant and other all-metal containers. It’s perfect for dry sheltered areas and unheated barns and coops. The unit is made of rust-resistant, heavy duty galvanized steel. Make sure that the cord is protected from the animals. It’s energy efficient as it will not draw electricity unless the temperature is below freezing. 

  • 16.5 inch diameter by 3.687 inch high
  • Uses less than 1 am per hour
  • Use ground fault protected outlets
  • Not for plastic waterers 

Electric Heater Base for Poultry Founts is now available at Argyle Feed Store.