EZ Wash Wand Makes Grooming Easy

Save $10 Off the Wand and Dispenser or $5 Off the Wand

EZ Wash Wand
The EZ Wash Wand is the perfect way to wash your horse, dog, goat, or show animal without getting soaked and stinky… and we’ve got ’em in now at Argyle Feed & Hardware! Buy the dispenser and wand and save $10 off  or buy just the wand and get $5 off. 

About the EZ Wash Wand

It is the ONLY therapeutic, water saving, light weight and adjustable pressure wash wand available to the public today. With a wash wand, the drudgery of washing your animal is over.  This revolutionary wand removes the dirt, dander, and everything else our four-legged friends love to roll in!  Cut the amount of time it normally takes to wash your animal in more than half and make grooming fun for you and your equine, canine or other livestock animals.

  • Clean your animal in under 15 minutes
  • Keep dry while washing
  • Saves money on shampoo and scrubbers
  • Eco-Friendly, conserves water
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • EZ Wash Wand Dispenser also available; attaches to any EZ Wash Wand. Fill with your preferred shampoo or liquid soap, attach and you’re ready to wash!

Visit us at Argyle Feed and pick up an EZ Wash Wand or two today.  You’ll look forward to less time grooming your animal and more quality time with your four-legged companions!

Watch the video to see the EZ Wash Wand in action: