Food Plots Now Available

By planting the right plants the right way, food plots can benefit your hunt in a big way. These planted seeds are a great way to grow more and bigger bucks, attract and hold deer in a specific area, and relieve pressure on the native habitat. By doing so it can actually improve it and benefits all wildlife species! 

Argyle Feed Store has you covered with our stock of Annual food plots. Below are the seeds we have available. 

Tecomate Food Plot (Annual):

Contains: clover, peas, chickory

The best chance of working in the worst conditions. Example, if you want to just throw one out without having to actually plow and use a seeder this one has the best chance at coming up versus some of the other seeds. It has a yellow jacket enhanced seed coat.

Fall Wildlife Mix (Annual):

Contains: wheat, ryegrass, rapeseed, Australian winter field peas, and crimson clover

Great for smaller food plots at an economical price.

Top Notch Fall Wildlife Mix (Annual):

Contains: wheat, oats, barley, triticale, winter peas, turnips, crimson clover, and rapeseed

Premium blend with coated seeds.