July Around The Feed Store Blog

July Around the Feed Store

What a hot summer! We’re giving you the scoop on products from Argyle Feed & Hardware to help make this hot Texas Summer a little more bearable. Don’t forget to keep your gardens and grass well-hydrated and free of pesky bugs.

It’s no fun to have an outdoor activity in your backyard while mosquitos and other bugs are feasting on you: we have a couple of great products to help you out with the bugs. Pick up a jug of Skeeter Screen at the store that helps with mosquitos, gnats, chiggers, biting flies, fleas, and ticks. Skeeter Screen comes in a spray, granular and liquid that can be hung. You can also use sulfur to help repel the snakes and pests away. Just a sprinkle a good layer around the area you would like for them to stay away.

Tired of seeing your chickens itching and rolling around to get the crawling insects and fleas off of their bodies? We’ve got just the product you need to help them out. Check out Soil Mender Diatomaceous Earth, create a boundary around their coop or put it in an area they tend to roll around in and let them dust with this powder. You can also put this product in your house on the carpets to get rid of the fleas and crawling critters like ants. Also don’t forget with these hot temps they need to stay well hydrated so make sure they have plenty of access to water.

The summer is upon us along with the fleas and ticks from a not so cold winter. Unfortunately now we are dealing with more creepy crawly critters on the animals and us. We have a great product called Seresto that lasts for 6 months or longer. You just put a collar on your dog and cat and you won’t have a flea or a tick on your animal! It is better than Adams and Frontline! Don’t be sticker shocked when you come in because, in the end, it is totally worth it. We have people who swear by the collar and can’t believe it wasn’t on the market sooner.

Also, remember to #savethedate for our FREE Ice Cream Sundaes and Car Wash Fundraiser on July 9th! Bring your dogs in for a treat! Kids can come in to decorate a dog bowl and make their own ice cream sundae while your car is getting washed by volunteers and staff from Victory Therapy Center! Happens all day Saturday from 10 am ’til 3 pm.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer and staying cool— Argyle Feed & Hardware is open on July 4th for anything you need for your Fourth of July celebrations.  Celebrate safe and come see us at the Feed Store!