• Skeeter Screen Products

    Argyle Feed & Hardware has the Skeeter Screen Patio Egg and other mosquito repellents

  • Zignature Premium Quality Dog Food

    This July, Argyle Feed Store is having a great promotion on Zignature dog food: Buy 2 cans and get one can ...

  • Tips For Pets And Animal Safety On July 4TH

    Remember these tips for animal safety on July 4th to have a successful and safe holiday celebration. Your pet will than ...

  • Horse Thrush Products

    Thrush is a common bacterial infection that occurs on a horse's hoof. This bacterium occurs naturally in a horse's environment, ...

  • 10% off on Select Fly Control Sprays

    Opti-Force Fly Mask: Repel your horse's face from mosquitoes, flies, ticks and other harmful insects. With easy visibility and odorless ...

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