NutriSource Super Premium Pet Foods

Argyle Feed Store now has NutriSource dog food available in four formulas, Woodland Select, Prairie Select, Seafood Select, High Plain Select. In the heart of every good health factor is a good immune system. At NutriSource, this is where the focus begins and ends with not just delicious pet food, but pet food that has nutrition in mind.

It all begins sourcing the right raw ingredients that pass their strict testing. NutriSource has a state of the art AIB certified facility that produces their pet foods to very high-quality control standards. By milling their own legumes and grains, and grinding their own meats that are cooked under 200 degrees it results in very nutrient dense formulas. This is what is called:

Bioavailability -The percentage of nutrients – the good stuff in food – ‘available’ for your pet’s digestive system to convert into a robust body, strong bones, and shiny coat.

NutriSource main focus is gut health because a good immune system starts at the core, the gut. They have come up with a revolutionary supplement system called Good 4 Life®. This system will improve your pet’s health no matter what level of health they are in. This formula works from the inside out often improving health within the first feeding.

NutriSource Good 4 Life System

  • Supports Gut Health
  • Supports Skin & Coat
  • Supports Odor Control
  • Supports Brain Function