Original Mad Buck Deer Attractants


Bow Season has begun and white deer rifle season is only a few weeks away! Argyle Feed & Hardware just received new products to help you get your hunt on! We now carry The Original Mad Buck line of liquid scents and powder attractants including the Super Scent Cell Combo.  This powerful combo pack delivers with an empty Scent Cell Wick Canister and a bottle of our 32oz. Liquid Concentrate. Just fill it, hang it, and hold on! Mad Buck products deliver big scent in all four MAD Buck options (Apple, Acorn, Berry, and Peanut Butter). The 32oz. Liquid Concentrate Scent allows hunters to apply a natural scent to feed, minerals, or salts that provides a highly effective attractant that will lure wildlife up to 500 feet. Either use full strength with Mad Buck wick canisters or make up to eight gallons with the easy to measure packaging and your own water. This provides amazing value in liquid scent attractant that can be easily applied with a hand held sprayer or poured directly on feed and minerals.

Visit us at Argyle Feed & Hardware today and gear up for the season with our latest hunting products from Mad Buck and TWS Deer Feeders.  We also stock plenty of deer feed supplements such as Purina AntlerMax as well as RealTree Deer Corn. And, you need a YETI cooler to carry home your kill— we’ve got everything you need to get your hunt on at Argyle Feed!