Pond Boss VII Conference

Pond Boss VII Conference Sign Up Now For The Pond Boss VII Conference & Expo

Did you signup for our Pond Management Workshop in September but want to know more? This is the event you’ve been waiting for. Registration for the Pond Boss VII Conference & Expo is open! From Oct 12 through Oct 14, 2017 join the Pond Boss Family at beautiful La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa in Montgomery, Texas. From the Pond Boss Fishing tournament to Saturday night’s Banquet Dinner and silent auction, Pond Boss VII won’t disappoint. Come and learn the latest techniques about managing your private waters, from pond construction to wildlife management. 

How to Register

Contact our office (800-687-6075) to register, visit our store to shop for the registration package that best fits your needs or download our registration form

Program Agenda

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Pond Pro Series – Limited Space – for our pond professionals
Landon Wiet, Aquafix- State of the Microbial Union: Science-based frontiers of microbe
management in ponds and lake. Value-added products for your business

Chris Blood, Texas Hunter Products- Feeding Programs: Best Practices for growing BIG fish

Ken Hale, Boatcycle Manufacturing- Tilapia, Its Place in Ponds Today: How people are using these fish in pond practices

Steven Bardin, Texas Pro Lake Management- Social Media in the Private Fisheries world: How to grow and connect with your audience

Dr. Bruce Condello, www.bigbluegill.com- Value-added Client ideas: Off the dock ideas

Dr. Claude Boyd, Auburn University- It’s Complicated: Basic water chemistry, how it
affects biology, and how these elements come together

Patrick Goodwin, Vertex Water Features- Research on the Effectiveness of Aeration: Databased evaluation of aeration.

Friday, October 13, 2017
Session I

It All Starts With Water: Absorb how water behaves, explained from the perspective of
seasoned professionals who work with the wet stuff every day.

Bob Lusk, Pond Boss Magazine- Water and Its Majesty: Simple substance, big facts

Dr. Claude Boyd, Auburn University- Water Chemistry for Pondmeisters: What you need to know about your water to make good decisions

Landon Wiet, Aquafix- Analyzing Algae, Beneficial Microbes for Dummies: Cleansing water the natural way

The In’s and Out’s of Pond Construction: So, you’re thinking about building a Pond?
From plans to pitfalls to fulfilling your dreams, listen as these experts take you through the
process. Case studies and real world projects dominate this session.

Mike Otto, Otto’s Dirt Service- Dirt and Water: Getting down and dirty with pond planning

Michael Gray, Gray’s Construction- The Long Odds of Short Cuts: Digging smarter to finish strong

Todd Watts, Pond Boss Subscriber- High-Wattage Pond: Designing and Building the Perfect Ohio Bass Fishing Lake

Dave Sefton, Dave Sefton Excavating- Designing Waterfowl Havens: Building great habitats for our feathered friends

Session II

Pond Management 101: Okay, you have a dream…and you have some water. Take notes as these experts create your roadmap of successful pond management fundamentals that are sure to lead you from Point A to Point Z.

Paul Dorsett, SOLitude Lake Management- Hey, How Do I Stock My Pond?: Helpful hints
for stocking new water

Steven Bardin, Texas Pro Lake Management- Mastering a Pond Plan: Planning beyond the moment, learning how to adjust strategies for your master plan

Greg Grimes, Aquatic Environmental Services- Big Things From Small Ponds: Yes, you
can accomplish big feats in small waters and satiate your appetite

Scott Tucker, Clearwater Lakes and Ponds- Pond Life Down Under: State of the Union in

Wade In: A Deeper Look at Managing Your Waters: The finer points of fisheries
management, growing big fish, and science-based strategies.

Bruce Condello, www.bigbluegill.com- Inside the Pond, but Outside the Box: Using
unconventional methods to pursue your pond passions

Dr. Michael Masser, Texas A&M Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences Dept.- History of Trophy
Bass Management:
 From then, until now, growing giant bass.

Wes Neal, Mississippi State University- Empirically Speaking: Science-based pond

Bob Lusk, Bob Lusk Outdoors- Non-Traditional Stocking Strategies: Hits and misses on
the way to trophy fish.

Marty Stone; Keynote Address

Saturday, October 14, 2017
Session III

Wildlife Management and Attracting Wildlife: Start scouting out the best spot to mount
your outdoor camera. We’ll be sharing tips and strategies for attracting wildlife, waterfowl
and songbirds…plus a little bit about the bee’s knees.

Bill Benton, Outdoor Properties LLC- The Business of Owning Recreational Land: How to
enjoy and appreciating asset

Dan Van Schaik, Integrated Wildlife Management Company- Attracting Wildlife: Wildlife-friendly habitat improvements

Jim Willis, Wildlife Habitat Federation- Habitat Rehab: Giving back to depleted land

Alvin Dean, Brazos Valley Beekeepers- The Bees Knees, It’s not so hard to do: Valuable knowledge about bees and their impact on your property

Aeration: Moving your water to clean it.

Patrick Goodwin, Vertex Water Features- Nothing but the facts: Aeration Research

Liz Edgerton, Kasco Marine- Get your water to movin’: Different Methods of Aeration

John Redd, Outdoor Water Solution- Off the Grid: Using alternative energy sources for aeration

Luke Keeton, Keeton Industries- Microbes: The many facets of beneficial microbes


Session IV

The Underwater Salad Bar: Aquatic plants – what we want, what we need and how to hedge your strategies for a healthy balance.

Dr. Michael Masser, Texas A&M University Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences Dept.- Methods of Adjusting your Aquatic Plants: Identification, Methods and Healthy protocol of managing your underwater salad bar

Dr. Bruce Richards, Weedoo- Exotic Shoreline Vegetation: Identification and management

Paul Westcott, Lonza- Herbicide Update: Wise about herbicides

Dr. Dan Roelke, Texas A&M University Wildlife and Fisheries Science Dept- Killer Algae: It’s here, now what?

Ken Hale, Boatcycle- Tilapia: From algae to fish tacos

Pimp Out Your Pond: Amenities: Preview the latest toys, joys and creative touches from the experts that can transform your watering hole to the perfect oasis. Add a little bling to make your lake sparkle.

Greg Grimes, Aquatic Environmental Services- Enhancements above the waterline: Ways to enjoy your pond setting

Ty Kleeb, Pig Patrol- Showing Your Work: Revealing your mysteries of the deep and how to catch your big fish

Andy Benson, Mossback Fish Habitat- Rehabing and Renovation: Reviving habitat and improving non-productive pond areas

Nate Herman, Herman Brothers Lake and Land Management- Livin’ the Lake Life: All the fun and games you can have around your pond