Purina AquaMax Sport MVP

AquaMax Sport MVP

Purina AquaMax fish foods, such as AquaMax Sport MVP, are designed to feed a variety of species and are formulated for optimum nutrient delivery. Sport Fish MVP (Multi Variable Particle) is now available at Argyle Feed & Hardware. Sport Fish MVP is 100% nutritionally complete and was developed by professional nutritionists and fish experts. Formulated as easily-digestible, high-energy, nutrient-dense diets with excellent conversion rates, Sport Fish MVP has superior feed efficiency and rate of gain and is designed to feed a greater percentage of different sized fish in your pond.


Multi Variable Particle

  • Nine unique particle sizes ranging from 1/8” to 9/32” to feed a greater percentage of different-sized fish in your pond

Floating and Sinking Diet

  • Designed to allow the three smallest particles to be a 50% sink, the remaining particles float 100% to allow easier management and prevent overfeeding helping to maintain water quality Expands the feeding trough vertically to help feed a greater percentage of dierent-sized fish in your pond helping smaller fish grow.

Fishmeal #1 Ingredient

  • Highly palatable, superb attractant, maximizes digestibility for carnivorous fish

100% Nutritionally Complete

  • Complete, balanced diet for optimum growth

43% Protein, 12% Fat

  • Excellent grower diet for carnivorous fish

Highly Palatable

  • Helps to ensure proper consumption

High Digestibility

  • Significant nutrient absorption

Few Feed Fines

  • Little waste and optimal feed conversion

Stop in at Argyle Feed & Hardware today to try out Purina AquaMax Sport MVP for your pond or lake stock.  Our product experts will answer any questions you have about managing your pond or lake to provide a thriving environment for your fish. We carry a variety of pond management supplies including algae controllers, supplements, pumps, and fountains, too.  Visit us today!