Horse Feeds

Horse Feeds at Argyle Feed Store

Looking for horse feeds at Argyle Feed Store? Argyle Feed Store is proud to provide Purina Mills Horse Feed.  For more than one hundred years, Purina Mills has been the leader in the area of animal science and nutrition.

As a leader in horse research and equine feed development, Purina knows that different horses, different lifestyles and different circumstances call for different feeds. So whether you’re feeding an elite equine athlete, or a geriatric horse, or you need an all-round formula like Strategy for an entire herd, Purina makes a horse feed formula just right for you.

In addition to Purina Mills Horse Feeds (see list below), Argyle Feed Store offers Bluebonnet Horse Feed, and Thrive.  Click the links to see what types of feeds each of these brands offers and what you can find in our store.


  • Purina Strategy Healthy Edge Horse Feed
  • Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Horse Feed
  • Purina Ultium Competition Horse Formula
  • Purina Ultium Growth Horse Formula
  • Bluebonnet Intensify Pelleted
  • Purina Omolene #100 Active Pleasure Horse Feed
  • Purina Omolene 200 Horse Feed
  • Purina Omolene 300 Horse Feed
  • Purina Omolene 400 Horse Feed
  • Bluebonnet Intensify Senior Therapy
  • Triple Crown Perform Gold
  • Purina Omolene 500 Horse Feed
  • Bluebonnet Intensify Growth and Development
  • Bluebonnet Intensify Omega Force
  • Triple Crown Balancer Gold
  • Purina Equine Junior Horse Feed
  • Bluebonnet Intensify Total Advantage
  • Bluebonnet Intensify Ex-Factor Low Starch
  • Triple Crown Senior Gold
  • Purina Carb Conscious Horse Treats
  • Purina Equine Senior Horse Feed
  • Purina Outlast Horse Treats
  • Purina Equine Senior Active Horse Feed
  • Bluebonnet Equilene Pelleted
  • Purina Enrich Plus
  • Purina Amplify High-Fat Supplement
  • Purina Free Balance 12:12 Supplement
  • Bluebonnet Equilene Complete
  • Bluebonnet Horseman’s Elite Pelleted
  • WellSolve W/C Horse Feed
  • WellSolve L/S Horse Feed
  • Purina SuperSport Amino Acid Supplement
  • Purina Miniature Horse and Pony
  • Bluebonnet Energizer Performance Pelleted
  • Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement
  • Bluebonnet Steamed Rolled Oats
  • Purina Ultium Gastric Care Horse Feed
  • Bluebonnet Stride Element Mineral
  • Bluebonnet Stride Shine
  • Horslic Omega Elite Tubs and Pails
  • Impact Race Track Textured Horse Feed
  • Purina Apple and Oat Flavored Horse Treats
  • Purina Berry Good Senior Horse Treats
  • Impact Mature Active Pelleted Horse Feed
  • Purina Race Ready GT Horse Feed
  • Purina Impact Professional Performance Horse Feed
  • Purina Impact Professional Mare & Foal Horse Feed
  • Purina Impact Professional Senior Horse Feed
  • Impact Mature Active Textured Horse Feed
  • Impact Hay Stretcher Pelleted Horse Feed
  • Impact All Stages 12% Textured Horse Feed
  • Impact All Stages 12% Pelleted Horse Feed
  • Impact All Stages 14% Textured Horse Feed
  • Impact All Stages 14% Pelleted Horse Feed