Ready Seal Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal Stain

Argyle Feed & Hardware carries Ready Seal Stain and Sealer, a professional grade oil based semi-transparent all-in-one product. Ready Seal will protect, beautify and prolong the life of all your outdoor projects. Use it to protect and enhance decks, fences, gazebos, outdoor furniture and any other exterior wood projects.

Ready Seal Stain and Sealer for Wood is a professional grade wood stain. It was developed for commercial contractors and professional restoration experts, but due to demand, is now available to homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers.

The Ready Seal Promise:

  • GOOF PROOF – No Laps, Runs, or Streaks
  • DURABLE – No Cracking, Chipping, Flaking or Peeling.
  • EASY UPKEEP – Clean, Dry and Re-apply. No Sanding. No Stripping.
  • PROTECTIVE AND BEAUTIFUL – Enhances natural look and Protects against UV Rays.

Wood Stain Colors:
Ready Seal stain and sealer for wood is available in 7 natural wood tones, as shown on the color wheel below:

Ready Seal Stain and Sealer – All in One!

Many wood finishing products require a multi-step application process, often consisting of applying a wood stain to add color and then top-coating the wood stain with a wood sealer to protect from moisture.
All Ready Seal wood stains are formulated to add color and seal the wood from moisture in one step. This eliminates extra costs and saves time during application.
No Cracking, Chipping, Flaking or Peeling!
Conventional wood stains typically form a rigid film on the surface of wood, rather than penetrating into the wood fibers themselves. This rigid film cannot flex with the expansion and contraction of the wood through the seasons and is prone to cracking, and peeling which eventually leads to coating failures.
All Ready Seal wood stains penetrate deep into wood fibers, moisturizing the wood with water-proofing oils and creating a flexible barrier that keeps moisture out. Because no rigid film is formed on the surface, our wood stains can flex with the woods’ expansion and contraction and will never crack, chip, flake or peel, another reason Ready Seal wood stain is the best stain!
Typical wood stains require backbrushing, a process where you must smooth out unsightly runs, streaks and brush marks. Spraying typical wood stains requires spraying one section of the project at a time and immediately backbrushing the area to prevent lap marks or runs.
Ready Seal wood stains are GOOF PROOF! Meaning you never have to backbrush, even if you’re spraying! No runs, laps or streaks ever! That’s what you can expect from Ready Seal wood stains, the best stain available today!

Produced right down the road in Lewisville, TX, Ready Seal stain colors are approved by a majority of HOAs in and around the Argyle, Bartonville, Lake Cities and Flower Mound areas. Come by Argyle Feed today and we’ll help you select the right stain and shade for your outdoor project.

Watch this Designing Spaces video to see how easy it is to transform your outdoor projects with Ready Seal: