Remington Hunting Dog Supplies Now In-Stock

Remington Hunting Dog Supplies | Argyle Feed StoreArgyle Feed Store carries a full line of Remington Hunting Dog Supplies made by Coastal Pet Products. The Remington line includes all the dog training tools you need to train your dog to become a hunting dog. 

Remington Hunting Dog Supplies

  • Poly Check Cord 
  • Nylon Check Cord
  • Reflective Safety Vest
  • Dog Chest Protector
  • Quail, Duck, and Pheasant Scents
  • Vinyl Training Dummy
  • Waterfowl Foam Trainer
  • Upland Foam Trainer
  • Full Training Kits

If you want to have a hunting dog that will fill your hunting bags with birds, then follow the below simple steps to choose, train, and develop a top waterfowl hunting dog. This method does not work with all dogs. It works best with Spaniels, Terriers, Pointers, and Retrievers.

  1. Research the different breeds of water dogs
  2. Pick out a puppy
  3. Introduce the puppy to water when they are little
  4. Teach your dog to sit and stay
  5. Introduce your dog to decoys and to the scent of waterfowl
  6. Practice daily, if possible
  7. Reinforce positive behavior with positive rewards
  8. Expose your dog to actual hunting situations before taking it out into the field
  9. Use training dummies early and often
  10. Train your dog in a boat prior to a hunt if boats are going to be used
  11. Simplify the training by keeping it simple

Are you looking to train your dog and need hunting dog supplies? Stop by Argyle Feed and let us help you get started. If you don’t see something in the store, let us know and we can place a special order for you. Let your dog explore the outdoors with Remington Hunting Dog Supplies now available at Argyle Feed Store! 

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