Low moisture cooked molasses product technology

Consistent intake and nutrient delivery that helps eliminate over consumption.

Free-choice supplement delivery

Convenient supplement delivery system that is optimal for beef producers experiencing time and labor shortages.

No added salt

Intake is not regulated by salt as in other supplements.  Using salt to regulate intake may result in unpredictable intake.

Purina® 30% Protein Tub is designed to be self-fed to beef cattle consuming fair or better quality forage. Consumption of this supplement will vary depending upon the condition of the animals, quality and quantity of forages being fed and seasonal weather conditions. Cattle typically will consume from 0.5 to 1.0 pound per head per day. Feed one tub per 5-10 head of cattle and at least 2 tubs per pasture to ensure adequate intake by younger, timid animals. Place the tubs within 100 feet of where animals congregate (loafing, grazing, feeding and watering areas). Feed tubs continuously along with plentiful sources of forage and fresh, clean water. Cattle will consume approximately 1/2 to 1 pound of this supplement per head daily. If additional mineral and vitamin fortification is needed, provide a nutritionally balanced mineral/vitamin supplement containing salt. This product does not contain added salt; therefore supplemental salt should be offered at all times.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect infested feed to animals as it may cause illness, performance loss or death.

CRUDE FAT5.00% min
CRUDE FIBER2.50% max
CALCIUM1.00% min
MAGNESIUM1.00% max
POTASSIUM (K)2.00% min
COBALT (Co)10 ppm min
IODINE (I)27.5 ppm min
COPPER (Cu)300 ppm min
SELENIUM (Se)5 ppm min
ZINC (Zn)1000 ppm min
VITAMIN A80,000 I.U./lb min
VITAMIN D10,000 I.U./lb min
VITAMIN E50 I.U./lb min

A 30% protein high-energy controlled consumption cattle tub. Purina® 30% Protein Hi-Energy Cattle Tubs are free choice supplements designed for beef cattle on medium to high quality forage diets (over 8% protein). The low moisture, cooked molasses products in non-returnable plastic containers will enhance intake and utilization of available forages, while potentially reducing labor for producers.

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Purina 30% Protein Cattle Tub

Purina Animal Nutrition

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