Summer Birding Tips

Bird Seed and FeedersNow is the time to create a summer haven for your backyard birds! Including three simple elements in your outdoor spaces benefits wild birds and their new offspring! Regardless of your birding knowledge or budget, it is easy to design a retreat that you and the birds will enjoy. Read on to learn more!

Clean, Fresh Water:
One of the most important elements to include in your backyard bird habitat is water. Beyond quenching their thirst and rehydrating, water helps birds preen, clean their feathers and even remove parasites. In the sultry summer months, it is difficult for birds to find fresh water in the wild. Placing a birdbath in your yard is one of the best ways to attract a variety of birds. Keep baths fresh and don’t wait for the water to become slimy before cleaning.

Quality Food & Clean Feeders:
Not all seed is created equally. Wild birds seek the best nutrition, eating anything other than essential protein, fat and carbohydrates is a lost opportunity for nourishment.

Keeping a feeder up to snuff is easy. Regularly check the cleanliness of your feeders and clean them right away after detecting a sign of uncleanliness. Positioning feeders in shady spots is an easy, simple step for keeping birds cool in summer as they eat.

Birds find shelter in shaded areas under roofs or trees in the summer. They need protection from the vicious heat and a good nesting place to raise their families. You can help birds find cool shelter by keeping their houses out of direct sunlight and waiting to prune your yard until after nesting season.

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