Texas Range Honey: Best Little Honey House in Texas

Texas Range Honey | Argyle Feed StoreTexas Range Honey is considered the best honey house in Texas since 2002. Unlike many grocery store brands that are processed, Texas Range Honey is never pasteurized. The big difference is it is not heated past the temperatures that naturally happens inside the hive. Most grocery store honey is heated in much higher temperatures because it’s much easier to bottle and produce. Filtering is another method that manufacturers do to remove the bee pollen, bee parts and honeycomb from the raw honey. While this practice is easier for manufacturers, this process destroys the nutrients in the raw honey that is key to the healing qualities raw honey provides. It is believed that bee pollen can offer some allergy symptom relief.

Texas Range Honey is harvested organically in the most natural way without any additives, pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals or any other pollutants. Argyle Feed Store carries the three top favorites in Dark Allergy, Very Raw, and Range Wild Honey. Get your favorite natural organic honey in store now! 


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