Customer of the Month: Travis Mason

Travis Mason, a customer of Argyle Feed and Hardware Store is our July customer of the month.

Travis Mason has been breeding and raising primarily poll and horn Herefords crossed with Red Brangus for more than 10 years. He, along with his three sons, Wyatt, Isaac, and Jesse show cattle all year long. Currently, the boys are working towards the Junior Nationals which take place in a couple weeks.

Not only does Travis raise cattle, but he likes to be involved in the community by being a volunteer firefighter for the Justin fire station. You could say raising and breeding cattle is Travis’s family business but firefighting is his passion which is why volunteering is so important to him.

Travis and the boys purchase their feed and supplies from Argyle Feed Store. “We like the convenient business hours”, says Mason. “Having delivery saves us time and money. Best of all we have the knowledge and expertise of Kaylan Herbst available to us at all times. Kaylan can answer any question we have about feeding our animals and comes out to visit us. You can’t ask for better customer service.”

Experience the difference at Argyle Feed Store. Best of luck to the Mason boys!