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Save on ACANA Pet Food

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Orijen AcanaHappy Pawlidays from ACANA Pet Food! Between December 1 – 24, buy any bag of ACANA dog food and save! Receive $5 off large bags, $3 off medium bags, $2 off small bags just in time for the Pawlidays. See us in-store for more details.  

Made from farm-fresh ingredients in their state-of-the-art DogStar Kitchen in Kentucky, all of their recipes are formulated to a Biologically Appropriate and Fresh Regional Ingredient standards. ACANA Red Meat dog food is nutrient-dense and high in protein, nourishing dogs completely with whole ranch-raised beef, Yorkshire pork, and grass-fed lamb. With rich inclusions of quality animal ingredients, ACANA dog food uses meat, organs, cartilage, and bone, delivering the nutrients dogs need naturally.

Stop by Argyle Feed Store to save on ACANA pet food today.

Seasonal Diet Changes for Horses

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Changing seasons can bring about potential problems for horses and horse owners. 
Changing seasons also mean drastic swings in weather conditions and temperatures.  This, combined with a major diet adjustment of moving from pasture to hay, can increase the chance of digestive disturbances. When nighttime temperatures drop in the winter, it becomes too chilly for plants to grow and the sugars are stored for later use.  This leads to a concentration of stored sugars in the plants, which may increase the risk of digestive upset or laminitis in some horses. Horses at most risk are those that are significantly overweight or those that have trouble managing normal blood sugar levels and are sensitive to sugar content in the diet.

While not scientifically proven, many horse owners and veterinarians have experienced what appears to be an association between changes in barometric pressure and the incidence of colic episodes in horses. A dramatic drop in temperature often causes horses to drink less water, and at the same time, horse owners will often increase the amount of hay fed to help horses stay warm.  More hay and less water consumption together may lead to impaction colic.  

As we move into fall and winter, hay becomes the major forage source for many horses.  Switching from pasture to hay or getting a new supply of hay represents as big a change to the horse as a change in grain. These significant dietary adjustments should ideally be made gradually to decrease the risk of digestive upset. Horses should be fed good-quality hay to maximize nutrition and minimize potential digestive problems. Good-quality hay, of any variety, will be clean and have outlying characteristics. These include a high leaf-to-stem ratio, small-diameter stems, few seed heads or blooms, fresh smell and appearance, and bright color.  Argyle Feed Store is here to help with all of your foraging needs.

Winter is a season of transition and an important time to evaluate the quality of forage available for your horse. Find out whether the grain ration is appropriate and adequate to meet your horse’s nutrient requirements. When winter arrives, horses must be in good condition to be able to withstand colder temperatures. 

Stop by Argyle Feed Store today to prepare your horses for this cold winter season.

Source: Purina Mills

Be Prepared for Winter Freeze

Monday, December 9th, 2019

Winter FreezeMake sure you are prepped and ready for winter freeze events with a trip to Argyle Feed & Hardware.  We have all the supplies you need to protect your garden, your animals, and, of course, you and your family!

Freezing temperatures occurring early in fall or late spring are usually more damaging to plants than freezing temperatures in mid-winter. Keep your garden plants and shrubs well-protected when temperatures stay below freezing for more than a couple hours or overnight. Argyle Feed carries garden frost blankets that help keep plants insulated and prevent freeze damage. Also, reapplying mulch will provide additional insulation for plants and soil during a hard freeze. Container plants should be moved inside or in a protected area.  Water your plants, especially container plants, before a freeze moves in to ensure plants stay hydrated.  Remember to cover up your outdoor faucets– make sure the spigot is turned off with any hoses removed— we have foam and heavy duty insulated faucet covers to keep these from freezing.

Take the extra steps to make sure your livestock animals and family pets are protected from the cold, too! Make sure they have plenty of feed and water and provide extra shavings and hay for stable animals, including your chickens. If your dogs spend most of their time outdoors, make sure they have adequate shelter from rain and wind or better yet, bring them indoors. We also carry heat lamps and barn heaters to keep your animals comfortable as well as horse blankets at Argyle Feed.

We also carry plenty of de-icers, salt, and ice melt products in the event our never predictable Texas weather turns icy.  If planning to be outdoors (perhaps cheering on your favorite team or in a blind somewhere?), make sure you’ve dressed appropriately—including hands, head, and feet. Argyle feed has durable insulated deerskin driver gloves that keep the warmth and protect your hands while you’re clearing brush, hauling hay or working in the yard. If you’re spending time outside, our new iron forged fire pits will help keep the warmth going after a long day on the ranch, stable or hunting lease. We also have new Stanley Vacuum Bottles which keep hot liquids steaming and cold liquids well-chilled for up to 18 hours. Our gloves, firepits and vacuum bottles all make great gifts, too.

Improper clothing and prolonged exposure to wind and moisture are the primary causes of hypothermia, which can be fatal. Hypothermia can develop even when temperatures remain a few degrees below freezing— so, as mom says, “Bundle Up!”

Stay ahead of the hard freeze with a visit to Argyle Feed & Hardware— we have everything from mulch and frost blankets, plenty of hay and shavings as well as deicers, doghouses and more.  Come see us before the cold sets in!

Elf on the Shelf Contest

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Elf on the Shelf ContestShop Argyle Feed this holiday season during our Elf on the Shelf contest and you could win a gift card! Starting Sunday, December 15th, be the FIRST person to spot the Elf on the Shelf in our store and you’ll win a $10 gift card! That’s it! We’ll select one winner daily. 

Our friend the Elf will move around the store each day from December 15 – December 24, 2019. Be the first person to spot him and tell our staff, and you could win a $10 gift certificate! We’ll post your picture with the Elf on Facebook daily when we announce the winner. 

Help us celebrate the holidays at Argyle Feed Store during our Elf on the Shelf contest!

Ranch Hand Rescue Holiday Gifting

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Argyle Feed Supports Ranch Hand Rescue Holiday Giftingimg_1860

Help our neighbors at Ranch Hand Rescue this holiday season. When you shop at Argyle Feed Store visit our Christmas tree and take home a beautiful ornament. In return please consider a donation to Ranch Hand Rescue. They’ve made it easy for you, envelopes are available for you to mail in the donation.

There are other ways to make a donation to Ranch Hand Rescue. You can purchase any hay or feed items at Argyle Feed and let us know these are donations to Ranch Hand Rescue. We’ll make sure it gets delivered to them on your behalf. You can also make an online monetary donation directly from the Ranch Hand Rescue website at this link or you can mail a check to Ranch Hand Rescue, 8827 Hwy 377 S., Argyle, Texas 76226. 

Ranch Hand Rescue (RHR) is an IRS 501(c)(3) farm animal rescue center and sanctuary in Argyle, Texas that also provides Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy (EAAT) to people needing mental and emotional therapy.

RHR specializes in partnering with law enforcement officials to rescue the worst-of-the-worst farm animal abuse and neglect cases.  After the animals are rehabilitated, they are either adopted out into caring and loving homes or live out the rest of their lives at the RHR sanctuary.  The animals that live at the sanctuary are used for Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy for people with psychological and emotional challenges or trauma.  Even though the resident sanctuary animals cannot be adopted due to ongoing medical needs, they have a job they can do.


Holiday Pet Food Drive

Sunday, December 1st, 2019
Dec ’19Jan

holiday pet food driveArgyle Feed Store and Don’t Forget to Feed Me (DF2FM) have partnered to support a holiday pet food drive from December 7 through January 1, 2020. Help us collect canned and dry pet food for cats and dogs, and gallon-sized zip lock bags to provide to pet owners in need.  

The mission of Don’t Forget to Feed Me (DF2FM) is to supply pet food to local agencies in support of pet owners. By providing pet food for those in need during challenging financial times, we offer an option to surrendering – or worse, abandoning – a family pet. Don’t Forget to Feed Me helps to ensure that no pet owner ever has to choose between stay…or go.

DF2FM is the only social service agency in the Metroplex focused solely on directly assisting pet owners with pet food. By keeping our focus on this one issue, we are able to address this specific need efficiently and quickly. DF2FM does not attempt to duplicate services offered by other organizations or agencies.

Help us reach our goal of up to 200 donated items during our holiday pet food drive.