Enclosed scoop holds 1 oz.

APPLE-DEX electrolyte may be added to the horse’s feed or drinking water at the rate of 2 ounces per 10 gallons of fresh water, or 2 ounces in the horse’s daily feed ration in place of regular salt.

Important: Some horses may refrain from drinking water with sudden changes in taste. In this situation, Apple-Dex electrolyte should be added to the horse’s daily feed ration.

Calcium (min)  0.25%
Calcium (max)  0.75%
Salt (min)  68.00%
Salt (max)  73.00%
Potassium (min)  11.00%
Magnesium (min)  0.40%
Sulfur (min)  1.00%

Apple Dex Apple Flavored Electrolytes for horses helps replace body fluids lost during strenuous activity.

  • Ideal for training or competition in horses
  • Apple-flavored, sodium-based electrolyte supplement
  • Micro-blended for use in feed or drinking water

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Apple Dex Apple Flavored Electrolytes

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